Pure, organic, locally sourced American yaupon
Pick Me Up Yaupon
American yaupon perfect for your tea party
It's not tea; it's American yaupon

Pick Me Up Yaupon

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Pick Me Up is the pure form of uplifting yaupon. Earthy & Delicious, tea-like & yet totally unique - just like you! Harness the power to lift yourself and those around you! (18 sachets per box)


Organic Yaupon.

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You can get our boxed yaupon sachets right now in Central Market and the southwest region of Whole Foods.

Uniquely Yaupon


Yaupon is native to North America, unlike the many imported teas flooding the market. From the harvest to your first sip, you can count on YAYAYA being an American brand.


Where coffee makes you louder, yaupon makes you happier and offers more functionality! Where coffee, tea, and yerba maté give you the jitters followed by a sleepy crash, yaupon is a level and balanced boost.

Sip & smile

Every bottle and cup of YAYAYA Yaupon provides the perfect pick-me-up by utilizing the naturally caffeinated Yaupon leaf (always crafted in North America)

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Yaupon provides a completely unique flavor to all YAYAYA product