Yaupon Tea-Shirts - YAYAYA YAUPON
Yaupon Tea-Shirts - YAYAYA YAUPON
Yaupon Tea-Shirts - YAYAYA YAUPON

Yaupon Tea-Shirts

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Yaupon Tea your way! Find our ready to drink YAYAYA at Central Market stores throughout Texas and all Whole Foods stores in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

YAYAYA's yaupon is high in naturally occurring theobromine (a nootropic boasted as a mood booster) as well as light caffeine for a gentle uplift. Other health benefits of yaupon includes it's high loads of antioxidants including anti-inflammatory quercetin. Our packaging features the tagline “An Elevated Vibe” to match the true experience of our products.

Yaupon is YOUR caffeine plant, you just didn’t know about it till now! It only grows in the US and has a remarkably rich story.

We believe that it was intentionally suppressed by British tea importers to prevent competition with Chinese tea imports and exports. Although Linnaeus did classify yaupon in the genus Ilex (meaning it’s of the holly family) it didn’t get it’s species name until later. William Aiton, royal botanist to the Kew Botanical Gardens - who’d never met the plant or even been to the US - had the opportunity to add the final name. Out of all the words on the planet, he chose vomitoria despite a complete lack of any evidence that yaupon offered purgative properties at all. How’s that for branding? There are no other plants on the planet with the vomitoria species name despite the many plants that, unlike yaupon, actually deserve it. Suspicious, right?

We are on a mission to reclassify yaupon as a way to honor the only indigenous caffeinated plant of this continent and to bring it up to its rightful place in the foodshed as one of only eight known caffeine and theobromine containing plants on the planet. It’s important to get the word out so wear your yaupon tea-shirt with pride and be sure to share this plants incredible story!

Uniquely Yaupon


Yaupon is native to North America, unlike the many imported teas flooding the market. From the harvest to your first sip, you can count on YAYAYA being an American brand.


Where coffee makes you louder, yaupon makes you happier and offers more functionality! Where coffee, tea, and yerba maté give you the jitters followed by a sleepy crash, yaupon is a level and balanced boost.

Sip & smile

Every bottle and cup of YAYAYA Yaupon provides the perfect pick-me-up by utilizing the naturally caffeinated Yaupon leaf (always crafted in North America)

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Yaupon provides a completely unique flavor to all YAYAYA product